ArtOfTrip propels your services to a new level. In a highly competitive market, it is the key to success.
ArtOfTrip ensures effective tour coordination and provides the necessary support to all its participants.

ArtOfTrip consists of a back office for expedient and user friendly planning and coordinating tours of any complexity; and the ArtOfTrip application for support and communication with the tourists and the group leader.
With ArtOfTrip you can:
Plan / import a tour program by day and by event throughout the day.
In the tour calendar, you can plan specific events for each day, linking them to a specific time and setting reminders and warnings. This ensures that the detailed program is accessible in the ArtOfTrip mobile application to all tour participants.
Promptly create tours as per previously created destinations and templates - easily amendable if required.
Keep track of the tour participants and their information.
In the "Tourists" tab, add all tour participants, specifying names and phones, thus automatically activating their access to the tour in the ArtOfTrip application.
The tour program is automatically generated and loaded into the tourist’s personal account.
Coordinate and support the tour
The application for iOS & Android, which will be installed on the phone of each tourist and the guide or tour leader, will allow them to:
Conduct a general chat
Receive event reminders (“We meet by the bus in 10 minutes”)
Use the “I’m lost” button, informing the guide and the group about their location
View “Who is nearby?”, identifying those lagging behind the group in real time
Always have the tour program and all the tour documents at hand.
The application will enable the group leader to take everything into account and be everywhere on time, and the participants will not miss anything and be able to relax.
You will be able to have hands on everything that is going on as well as the participants’ feedback.
Guarantee the availability of all tour related documents for every tour participant
None of the tourists will be able to say that they lost or were not provided with this or that document. All documents from the back office are automatically synchronized with the tourist's ArtOfTrip application. Always at hand and available offline.
With ArtOfTrip, tour planning and coordination is easier, faster and more convenient for all participants!
Moreover, the feeling of constant support on route will increase the loyalty of the most spoiled tourist. Start using ArtOfTrip now!